Kombucha Tea

This historical beverage has been invoked as a beautiful remedy by many people and a poison or fancy tales by others, this with out gray arguments.

The profuse data that may be discovered on the Net, teaches concerning the tradition preparation, explores its origins, mentions some technical knowledge however, quite the opposite, doesn’t seem a transparent scientific rationalization of the way it acts, specifically pharmacodynamics of the lively elements and in addition about these, there isn’t a unanimity. Numerous authors point out many chemical substances that for different authors don’t exist.

Our group has been engaged on growing a fermented beverage, primarily based on micro organism and yeast which might be utilized in brewing beer, cider, vinegar and wine.

We determined to start, in parallel, the tradition of Kombucha and as soon as we systematize the methodology, we began finishing up assessments on volunteers.

Additionally, to distinguish our tradition, from the standard, we began testing the addition of natural extracts, at totally different occasions of the method.

This story refers solely to observations made with the standard drinking kombucha, with out the addition of herbs. We wouldn’t have sufficient proof to say that what’s said is statistically important, as we wouldn’t have the likelihood to measure precisely lots of the outcomes we now have attained.

Preserving the kombucha tradition inside sure parameters, acidity, temperature and fermentation occasions, in addition to the fundamental substrate of the crop (tea and sugar), we will say that there are properties which were expressed pretty fixed.

As well as, via the addition of herbs extracts, we now have succeeded in enhancing such results or properties. We proceed to work with new additions and testing methods that emerged throughout fermentation processes.

One of many extra clear gadgets which might be achieved with common consumption of this tea, is the improvemen

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